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June 26, 2009

Online Survey Indicates 80% of Parents Do Not Turn on Parental Controls

In a recent children’ online safety survey released  by McAfee,  (see ) results indicate that 80% of parents don’t turn on parental controls software.  While parents seem to be aware of online threats they still don’t use the required tools to keep their kids safe online, or talk to them about it.  How can that be?

The Internet and technology make our lives easier, letting us do more things faster and better. Now, more than ever, it‘s hard to imagine life without the Internet, email, cell phones, and texting. But there are dangers lurking online. Just as the Internet and technology have made everyday life easier for people at home and in business, it has also made things easier for those with malicious intentions.

Social issues that have existed forever are multiplied and magnified by technology. Dishing out pornography is easier than sending an email. Child predators regularly comb social networking sites looking for our kids, who we think are in the safety of their homes. Anyone can buy diet pills and steroids as easily as they can download iTunes. And bullying has taken itself from the playground to your kid‘s computer.  The number and kinds of people using the Internet to exploit kids is mind-blowing. Some want the kids‘ money. Some want the kids.

We know that online risks are very real-we read about them every day in the newspaper and see stories on the news.  So, why aren’t parents being responsible?  They buy the best sports equipment, bike helmets and cars with high safety ratings. Parents you need to turn on that software and help your children behave responsibly online.

Not ready to do that?  Read Surfing Among the Cyber Sharks to understand all the risks and I bet you’ll change your mind.


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